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Repeaters on * 146.94-(118.8) * 145.29-(118.8) * 145.23-(118.8) * 224.40- * 444.60+(118.8)
Packet on * 145.010 * 145.090 * 223.400 * 446.500 * All 1200 baud FM simplex
Metrolina 2m Emergency Net™: 9:00 PM Local Time on 146.94-(118.8)
Mecklenburg ARES Net: Wednesdays, 7:30 PM Local Time on 146.94-(118.8)
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What About – MARS Ham of the Year

Each year we reward an individual’s efforts with a “Ham of the Year” award. The idea came from a bull session at our September 1985 monthly club meeting when Jack Barr WD4JWO, nominated Jeffrey Blythe KA4WYC, for his efforts and dedication to public service events. Some people don’t change, Jeff was our first Ham of the Year and he’s still one of our most dedicated public service hams.

The tradition has continued.  Our reigning Ham of the Year chooses his successor, and at our holiday party, presents the award.  It’s then the job of the new Ham of the Year to pay attention throughout that next year, because he knows he has to choose a worthy successor.  Choosing the right person is a difficult task, but we try to give most consideration to service to our club, our community, and to other Hams.  This is another reason to get involved in our club activities, and another reason to come to our holiday party to share in the kudos.

Our – Ham of the Year - Hall of Fame

1985    KA4WYC Jeff Blythe   2000    K4RSG Shawn Goodin
1986       2001 W4OH  Daryl Sampson 
1987       2002 WB2NHQ John White
1988       2003 N4MH Mary Hunt
1989 KI4YV Bob Southworth    2004 W4WNT Bill Turner
1990  KK4FC Ralph Eubanks   2005 WB2RHM    Ben Antanaitis
1990 N4ROL Mark Roberts   2006 K4KRW Richard Dodd
1991 N4MH Mary Hunt   2007 KI4CXO Jodie Rowland
1992 KB4UFO Otis Pruitt   2008 K4KAY Earl Fortner
1993 WB2NHQ    John White   2009 K4GKK Andy Hawkins
1994 W4PVT Mac Wood   2010 AC4ZR Bill Newsome
1995 KI4YV Bob Southworth   2011 KX4MB Mitch Barbato
1996 N0WP Bill Pond   2012 K4NET Bryan Ferdinand
1997 K4RSG Shawn Goodin   2013 KK4HOK Charles Comerford
1998 KS4OX Elena Maya-Scott    2014 K4VCF Paul Jones
1999 WB4PCS Wilton McAllister   2015 KK4ZIZ Jon Greene

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